Visit the international museum of vintage boat

Visit the international museum of vintage boat with Nautic Planet

The international museum of vintage boat is located in Pianello del Lario (CO), in a nineteenth-century spinning mill, with a collection that includes over 400 historic boats including rowing boats, gondolas, fishing boats, hunting and smuggling boats, inboard and outboard motorboats, passenger water buses, three racing points and catamarans, sailing boats and old work boats.
The vast library with over 2,500 historical and sector books and magazines is worthy of interest. Today the Museum aims to tell not only the history of the Larian boating, but of the whole of Italy. From the ancient Romans to the present day, boats tell us about the ordinary and extraordinary lives of ordinary and special men: an enchanting journey that, we hope, will give us back the memory of a wonderful Italy that must not be forgotten and that can be of stimulus for future generations.

Nautic Planet in collaboration with the International Museum of Vintage Boat offers the possibility of making you visit it by transporting you with their boat directly to the museum and taking you back to the starting point. For any type of request please contact us here: EmailWebsite+ 39.327.13.38.417


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